Teeth Restoration

Dental Fillings

Fillings are mostly used to restore the natural shape and function of teeth which have been damaged by decay (cavities). We restore cavities by using the latest composite materials. Composite fillings come in many different shades with enables us to almost perfectly match each patients natural tooth colour. Leaving you with an almost invisible filling.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tooth Restoration:

Should I replace my amalgam fillings with white ones?
It is usually recommended to change amalgam fillings when they need replacing.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth has been functionally compromised a dental crown may be required. Crowns are made in a dental laboratory. A crown covers the whole of a prepped tooth or root giving it protection and stability. Crowns look very natural and match the surrounding natural teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Crowns:

What are crowns made of?
There are a variety of different materials a crown can be made from, these materials include: porcelain bonded to metal, all porcelain, all ceramic and metal.
How long is the treatment and does it hurt?
For this treatment you will need 2 visits. One visit for the preparation of the tooth and one visit to fit the crown. These appointments are usually 2 weeks apart.
It shouldn’t hurt. You can have a local anaesthetic, which means it will feel no different from having a filling.

Dental Bridges

When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth can be crowned allowing the missing gap to be bridged with a pontic (false) tooth attached to these crowns. Bridges are made in a dental laboratory and are made to look natural and match natural teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dental Bridges:

Are there any reasons why I may not be able to have a bridge fitted?
You can only have a bridge if you have enough strong adjacent teeth and good bone support to hold the bridge in place. The dentist will advise you on the best treatment options for your mouth.


When a single or multiple teeth are missing dentures are an option for restoring the gap/gaps. Dentures can be made in different materials, such as acrylic or chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dentures:

What are the benefits of a chrome denture over an acrylic?
Chrome dentures are lighter to wear and are much stronger. Chrome dentures give you a more natural chewing experience due to the conduction of heat through the metal.