When should my child have their first dental check-up?
The advice from Public Health England is that your child should see a dentist from six months because that’s when first teeth usually come through. By the age of one, most of your baby’s front teeth should be present.

What will happen during my child’s dental appointment?

At Mark Fellers Dental Practice we believe the key to lifelong good oral health starts with proper education, at an early age, on how to look after your own teeth and recognise any signs of declining oral health.
We want your child to feel comfortable and happy at their appointment. We will make their appointment fun.
We check their teeth by counting how many they have. We look out for any decay they may have and also check for how the teeth are aligned. We also check your child’s cheeks and tongue (soft tissues) to make sure they are healthy too.
We give diet advice and also talk about tooth brushing techniques.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Childs Teeth Healthy