Endodontics is also known as Root Canal Treatment.
If a tooth’s nerve chamber becomes infected or damaged by decay or injury, root canal treatment may be the only way to save the tooth.
Root Canal Xray Mark Feller Stratford upon Avon

During root canal treatment the dentist removes the damaged or infected nerve inside the pulp chamber. The root is then prepped, cleaned and sealed using a gutta percha filling material.

Root canal treatment can make the tooth structure weaker, so once the tooth is symptom free and free of infection it is advisable to crown the tooth to protect the tooth tissue.

Endodontics FAQ's

How long does root canal treatment take to do?
Root canal treatment will take at least 2 appointments. Each appointment time can vary depending on the case. This would be discussed by your dentist.
Does root canal treatment hurt?
No, usually root canal treatment is done under local anaesthetic and would feel no different to having a normal filling done. There may be some tenderness for a day or so after the treatment.